AEHT General Assembly 2023 November 9th

1. Welcome address, apologies, approval of the minutes of the previous meeting in Senigallia and adoption of the agenda (Ana Paula Pais)

Greeting the members, YP President. Thanks to the organisers for the excellent organisation of the 36th AC in Vilnius.

  • Thanks goes to: Ronny Thill, Pieter van Reeuwijk, Francisco Lima, for contributing throughout the year.
  • Approval of the minutes: Unanimious approval by the audience
  • Adoption of the agenda: Unanimious approval by the audience
  • Excuses: 2 members of the presidium, Sanne Hygens and Neeme Rand, Michel Lanners,

2. Report from AEHT President (Ana Paula Pais)

  • Erasmus projects – Explaining why we’re late with finishing the final report
  • Honored new member Robert Hyde, APP explained the achievements of RH, a founder member of the AEHT.
  • AEHT academy.
  • Topics for the following Webinars.

3. Report from the Vice Presidents

1. Information about PPP (Paolo Aprile)

2. IT report (Neeme Rand) new webpage

New website, thanks to Ahti. Audience gave a hudge applause on his work.
Please visit:

3. Report competitions (Remco Koerts)

Since January the HJ prepared the competitions, during the March meeting here in Vilnius.
2 HJ will get ritired: Alfio: Ricco Tourist destination: Yeneya
Next year Theo Verkoyen will get retired and we’re looking for someone new. A call will be done after the AC

4. (Tanja Angleitner)

* Youth Parliament in Maribor with the election of the AEHT Youth President.
Presenting new YP President Korina Kovac elected during the YP in Maribor.
Reminds the audience to share their information about contests and special events with the secretariat and #AEHT in their publications.
Academic Program presentation of this year’s edition.

5. AEHT Academy and Webinars APP

We request the audience to give us feedback, ideas, and even a speaker from the member schools.

4. Report on membership applications, resignations, and exclusions (Remco Koerts)

5. Treasurer’s report (Remco Koerts)

2 systems are used for the administration, one to deliver correctly to the Luxembourgish government.
The result is the same in the end in both systems.

6. 2022 report of the Auditors and appointment of auditors for the financial year 2023 RK need to be send to RT

Unanimious approval by the audience.

7. Discharge for the members of the Presidium

Unanimious approval by the audience.

8. Signature of new Priviliged Partner Ship

9. Presentations and Planned Activities of the AEHT in 2024

1. Youth Parliament 2024 in Ferrara @ Institute Vergani Navarra – Massimiliano Urbinati

2. HEG Seminar 2024 in Maribor @ VCHT Maribor presented by Tanja Angleitner-Sagadin

10. Presentation by organising schools of their event proposals for 2024

1. Henny Helsemanns ( Show me your concept)

2. Coupe Olivier Roellinger by Romain Raoul

3. North of Portugal Wine program for professional sommeliers organised by Paulo Vaz.

4. Faculté des métiers by Vincent Bobot

  • Job shadowing for teachers
  • Creation of an original dessert inspired by a traditional French dessert or a local dessert from your country. Final competition in Rennes : 19th April 2024

5. Bled GT Cup by Peter Michalsky 16.04.2024-18.04.2024

6. I.I.S. “Bartolomeo Scappi” in Castel San Pietro Terme-Bologna

7. Cervia Oro Bianco

8. RCK Kirtuos Project by Dorotea Telarovic/Osijec

9. EHTL sharing is carring new books by Ronny Thillec

10. International project PANTOUR by Ana Paula Pais

12. ITS Veneto by Monica Beggio

13. Prelog High School/Croatia Sanja

14. Christmas in Europe 2024 in The Hague/The Netherlands 01.12.2024-06.12.2024

15. Christmas in Europe 2023 in Klaipeda/ Lithuania 03.12.2023-08.12.2023

16. Presentation of the AC 2024 in Riga by Ilze Locman

11. Date of next General Assembly – 7.11.2024 in Riga