AEHT Academy

The objective of the AEHT Academy is to enhance the attractiveness for directors, teachers and principals to join the major event of AEHT which is traditionally dominated by the competitions with the large presence of students and teachers but also the General Assembly of AEHT where the country delegates participate.

The AEHT Academy offers various activities throughout the year; regular online webinars, Academic programme during the annual conference (aimed at professional public), and the HEG conference in May each year (aimed at teachers, principals and researchers).


These online events are organised by AEHT for providing interesting educational contents to the AEHT community on a regular basis. While there are a lot of competitions and events throughout the year, not all schools and all AEHT members are able to participate LIVE at them. Thus, the idea to create regular webinars and invite industry professionals to present the newest trends and discuss the current challenges with the AEHT schools.

Academic Programme

The annual conference, held each year in November, provides the platform for organisation of the academic programme. This initiative started at the annual conference 2018 in Leeuwarden. Its aim was to provide additional content to other conference participants (teachers, mentors…) and to attending professionals. and can be seen as the starting point of a new AEHT activity.

The content of the academic programme is coordinated with each year’s annual conference organiser. For suggestions, please contact Sanne Huygens at:

HEG Seminar

Higher Education Seminar is a three-day event aimed at teachers, researchers and school principals. It provides a platform for keynote speeches, round tables, workshops, presentation of best practice cases, poster sessions, presentation of projects and much more. It ideally consists of 2 days of academic / professional presentations and a half day cultural programme. It is normally hosted at the end of May.

Please contact Tanja Angleitner at for more information on organisation of the event.

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