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TERMS AND CONDITIONS to qualify for AEHT membership

You are about to sign your organization's application for membership of the European Association of Hotels and Tourism Schools. By doing so, you agree to respect not only the The AEHT’s statutes  and AEHT House Rules , but also the Privacy statement of AEHT Asbl of our association and to ensure that the person(s) who register students, teachers or any other persons in our database or on our registration platform for AEHT events and activities, received the consent of the respective person (or their legal guardians) beforehand.

The AEHT cannot be held responsible for unauthorized registrations made via your school’s AEHT account. It is your responsibility to make sure that your school's username and password are accessible only to those authorized to perform these tasks. Moreover, it is your responsibility to inform all participants of your organization that our events/activities are public and that any picture taken during these events/activities might be published (on social media, websites, press, brochures...) without any specific authorization of their part. If a person does not wish to be photographed, the AEHT secretariat has to be informed one month in advance to allow timely measures to be taken.

Once you have signed your application, your school is bound to these terms and conditions as long as it stays a member of our association.